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Blog ideas

Niche Blog Post

Generate unique and targeted blog topics

Social media post Ideas

Social Media Post Inspirations

Generate engaging ideas
for social media content

Ad Ideas

Ad Campaign

Generate creative ideas for
advertising campaigns

How it works

Discover engaging content ideas for your brand

Great stories start with great ideas

Yarnit's content idea generator allows you to generate new and relevant content ideas which speak to your audience and their needs. From niche blog ideas to a social media post or an ad campaign, you can generate content for all your content needs.

Yarnit's Idea generator app bedrocks on a wealth of current and relevant data from across the web, your domain, your audiences' chatter and your competition. It utilises that information and sprinkles its generative AI capabilities to spin together recommendations. The outcome is ideas which are niche, trendy and relevant.

Idea generator
AI Idea generator
Idea generator
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