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Get paid for sharing Yarnit
as an Affiliate Partner

You can earn a 30% recurring commission by introducing your audience to Yarnit, the most potent Generative AI tool for creators and businesses.



Please apply if you are a:

When you share your special link and refer your customers, followers and friends to Yarnit, they will greatly appreciate discovering how AI can help them expand their business. As a result, we will reward you with a 30% commission based on the subscription price they pay. Some of our success stories have been with affiliate marketers who are active users of the platform and are an expert in their respective domains such as content marketing, AI, etc.

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Affiliate Marketer

Professional affiliate marketer or affiliate specialist

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Content creator

Blogger, writer, vlogger, podcaster or creative designer

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Digital marketing professional

Content Marketer, SEO specialist or social media marketer

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Technology Enthusiast

Influencer in the tech industry, AI enthusiast or expert who can review Yarnit

Benefits of being a Yarnit Affiliate

Product Training

Get exclusive training and support on the latest features of Yarnit, so that you can educate your audience on how to utilize Yarnit for their content objectives


Marketing Support

Access to proven themes of content which engage an audience and give them value


Transparent tracking and payments

Track the progress of your campaigns and payment schedules through our partner portal

Get rewarded for being
the Yarnit Champion.
Promote Yarnit and get paid

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