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Take the hassle out of Social Media Marketing with
Brand-Focused AI

The all-in-one platform for all your social media needs. From design to copy to posting, Yarnit can do it all

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Why Yarnit

All-in-one Social Media Platform

Ideate, generate, post, and gain insights all on one platform, ensuring a brand-focused and consistent social media strategy.

Personalized for Your Brand's Needs

Using state-of-the-art technologies like a knowledge graph and retrieval-assisted generation, Yarnit stays aligned to your brand's unique voice.

Stay on Top of Your Social Media Calendar

Maximize efficiency by repurposing content with a click. Get high-quality content with tailored to your brand in seconds.

Key Features

Solve all your social media platforms with one unified platform for the whole content lifecycle. Automate repetitive tasks and make your team a well-oiled machine with Yarnit’s automated social media management.

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One Design Language
for Your Handles

Unify your social media look and feel with our design templates. Create single slide posts, text posts, and carousels in seconds

Thousands of Design Templates

Pick from a variety of templates to get creative with your social media game

Don't Miss Another Post Ever with Yarnit's Scheduling Calendar

Keep your socials active with our one click post scheduling and publishing calendar

Never Worry About Another Caption Again

Quickly create creative copy, engaging captions, and relevant hashtags for your posts

Extend Your Content’s

Easily repurpose your text content into engaging social media posts with a single click

Make Informed

Keep a close eye on how your content is doing with our inbuilt social media analytics tool.

Idea Generator

Stay ahead of the curve with trend- and brand-based ideas

AI Art

Keep your socials fresh and unique with our commercially-safe AI image generator


Generate ad copies and descriptions to promote your content on social media platforms


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Experience Yarnit for yourself

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