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Solutions / Life sciences & Healthcare

Empower Care with Trusted, Targeted Content

Pharma and healthcare organizations trust Yarnit AI to create accurate content that informs customers and improves outcomes.

Why Yarnit

In the highly regulated pharma and healthcare industries, marketing content must be accurate, compliant, and tailored to specific audiences. Yarnit's Generative AI platform helps you achieve these goals by:

Ensuring brand and regulatory compliance through contextualized AI models

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Producing high-quality, audience-specific content at scale

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Streamlining content creation and distribution across marketing channels

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Use Cases for
Pharma & Healthcare Marketers

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Product Marketing

Create compliant and educational content about pharma drugs, medical devices or healthcare services, tailored to healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients

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Digital Advertising

Develop persuasive yet compliant digital campaigns , banners including copy and visuals, about drugs, patient support and healthcare servicess while adhering to industry regulations

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Content Marketing

Create web portal content, landing pages, white papers and blogs driving awareness and education around disease, treatment management and new research and development

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Social Media Marketing

Craft engaging social media campaigns and content, raising awareness about health conditions, promoting wellness initiatives, or sharing updates on new drug approvals or clinical trials

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SEO-optimized content for your product websites and HCP portals to enable patients and HCPs to discover the right treatment options and services related to your portfolio

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Patient Education

Develop easy-to-understand yet medically accurate patient education materials, explaining complex medical conditions, treatment options, and living with the disease in a relatable manner


Context-Aware AI

Yarnit’s AI engine is built to maximize context, using sophisticated techniques like Knowledge Graphs, RAG, and AI agents, ensuring content is tailored to your brand, audience, and industry trends

Personalization Engine

Leverage AI-driven personalization capabilities to create tailored content that resonates with individual customers based on their preferences, purchase history, and behavioral data

Omnichannel Content Creation

Seamlessly create content for various channels, including product pages, emails, social media, ads, and more, from a single platform

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