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empower your performance and field marketing with yarnit
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Digital Campaigns


Create your campaigns assets such ADs content, creatives to Sales landing pages in seconds

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Sales Collaterals

Create compelling sales collaterals such as presentations, case studies to empower your sales teams

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Product Content

Generate product content and collaterals to highlight you features and proposition

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Schedule and Publish

Manage your campaign calendar effectively on social media through one-click scheduling

Yarnit Advantage:

  • Faster campaign ideation, prototyping and execution- reducing the time to market by 70%

  • Improved Content production efficiency- 4.5X Faster

  • Drives collaboration across your teams for synchronous execution

advantages of using yarnit

Empower your Performance and Field marketing campaigns

From social ads to sales landing pages, Yarnit AI helps you create high quality content to for all your growth campaigns. Yarnit offers a centralized hub for monitoring and measuring essential performance metrics, facilitating data-informed decision-making. Its advanced analytics and reporting capabilities enable real-time optimization of marketing strategies, guaranteeing that your investments yield the highest possible RoI

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