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How to Use Yarnit's Bulk Ad Generator Feature

One of the biggest issues with launching a multitude of ad campaigns is simply creating the required content for it. These copies not only need to adhere to a strict character limit, but also be compliant with the various terms of service of advertising platforms.

To solve this issue, Yarnit has launched a bulk ad copy generation feature designed to empower users to effortlessly generate a plethora of compliant ad copies across various platforms including Google, Taboola, Facebook, and more.

You can now quickly maximize your ad performance by generating a large volume of compliant ad copy for a variety of topics and platforms. With this feature, you can scale your advertising efforts like never before. Let's get into a step-by-step guide on how to use this new feature.

Step One: Finding the Feature

Start your journey by heading over to the 'Apps' section in Yarnit and select the bulk ad generator tool. You can then select between Google, Taboola, Facebook, Instagram, or opt for general purpose ads.

This decision will ensure that your generated ad copy aligns perfectly with each platform's guidelines, ensuring compliance and maximizing impact.

Step Two: Customizing Your Instructions

In the next step, you can select the active brand you wish to advertise, the language that speaks to your audience, and the tonality that captures your brand's voice. You may also consider adding pro instructions to elevate the quality of your content further.

This step is about infusing your unique brand identity into every ad copy. Imagine the voice of your brand echoing through the digital realm, resonating with your target audience.

Step Three: Add Concepts and Data

Key information, like the concepts, calls to action, and objectives of the campaign are the cornerstone of successful ad copy. You can choose to either manually add new rows for each topic and requirement, or embrace efficiency by importing a filled CSV.

This step is where creativity meets strategy, setting the stage for ad copies that resonate and engage with your target audience.

Step Four: Bulk Generation and Review

With a click of the 'bulk generate' button, you can set the ball rolling on the bulk generation process. You can also monitor the status and progress using the progress bar in the top left.

Once the batch is completed, you can refresh the page to see your customized ad copies. You can now watch your ideas come to life, with each ad copy being closely aligned to your brand's message.

Step Five: Finalizing Your Copies

If required, you may review and refine the generated ad copies. You can also rephrase or shorten each copy individually, either manually or with the help of our AI. Once you are happy with the result, save your changes and download the CSV file. 

This step represents the final spot of polish on your ad copies, ensuring that each piece of content sparkles with clarity and purpose.

Understanding Yarnit's Bulk Ad Generator

If you're blown away by the potential of the bulk ad generator, keep following our platform on socials! We are working on enhancing this feature with a variety of new options and additions to help you create impactful and eye-catching ads tailored for your audience.

Stay tuned for exciting updates and improvements that will make it easier than ever to generate high-quality ads in bulk. Try out the feature today and see the difference for yourself.

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