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Making the Most out of Yarnit's Content Idea Generator

Overcoming Writer's Block With the Help of AI

We've all been there, staring at a blank screen, the cursor blinking mockingly back at us. Writer's block isn't just a cliché; it's a real hurdle that many of us face, often at the most inconvenient times. The quest for fresh, compelling content ideas can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

But fear not, for Yarnit's Content Idea Generator is here to light the way. Designed to ease the ideation process, this tool provides trend-based and brand-aligned content suggestions, making it an invaluable resource for creators at any stage of their journey. 

This AI idea generator uses SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and keyword analysis to find the relevant keywords for your content. It also crawls popularly asked questions to align to customer search behaviours and pain points, creating relevant content that is likely to rank in SEO. It is also SEO-qualified from the ground up, incorporating brand information to stay aligned to your unique goals and content requirements.

Using the content idea generator is a great way to get started with moment marketing, a strategy that help you target your business to your customers at the right moment. It does this with 3 main avenues. 

  • Topical Moment Marketing: These are topical moments that your customers are likely to react to. The Idea Generator provides a list of events tailored to your brand, helping you find content ideas that will resonate with your target audience at that moment.

  • Always-On Moment Marketing: Tis approach is more about the things that your brand believes and the customer problems you are targeting with your solutions. The idea generator helps you solidify your content library here by providing narratives that help you present your expertise in a favourable light. 

  • Created Moment Marketing: This marketing strategy goes well with brand events and campaigns spearheaded by your brand’s efforts. The idea generator can help you create a content library around your brand’s unique IP and undertakings. 

Join us as we take you into a step-by-step guide to make the most out of this app.

Step 1 - Finding the AI Idea Generator

To find Yarnit's new Content Idea Generator, begin by navigating to the app page. On the dashboard, you'll discover how this ingenious tool crawls the web, gathering trend-based information to ensure your content stays relevant and aligned with your brand's identity. The app has five main ways to generate ideas, each tailored to spark your creativity and keep your content strategy dynamic.

Step 2 - Exploring the News Tab

Pick your next idea from current events with the content idea generator’s news app. Whether your niche is general news, world affairs, tech innovations, or sports achievements, there's something for everyone. Here, you can select your preferred genre or use the country dropdown for region-specific news. The search function further refines your quest, allowing you to pinpoint topics that resonate with your brand and audience, providing fertile ground for fresh content ideas.

Step 3 - Navigating the Events Tab

The Events tab in Yarnit's idea generator is your calendar to the content world. It highlights events and holidays, presenting an opportunity to craft timely and relevant content. Whether it's a global celebration or a niche event, aligning your content with these occasions can enhance engagement and ensure your brand remains a part of the conversation. It's an effortless way to stay relevant and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Step 4 - Utilizing the Keywords Tab

Keywords are the compass that guides your content's visibility in the vast ocean of the internet. Yarnit's Keywords tab harnesses the power of keyword research and trend analysis to bring forth ideas that not only match your brand's essence but are also poised for search engine success. This feature allows you to input your chosen keywords, and voila, a list of tailored content ideas emerges, ready to capture the interest of your target audience.

Step 5 - Exploring the Reference Tab

The Reference tab offers a unique approach to content ideation by allowing you to provide three kinds of references. You can either use text, a document, or a webpage to generate content ideas on. Yarnit's algorithm uses these, in conjunction with your brand guidelines, to churn out ideas that are both relevant and customized.

Whether you're looking to create content that resonates with your existing portfolio or trying something new while staying on brand, this feature provides a direct pathway to creativity.

Step 6 - Freestyling with the Freestyle Tab

For those moments when you're feeling particularly adventurous or when conventional idea generation just doesn't cut it, the Freestyle tab awaits. Here, you set the rules, providing as much or as little instruction as you wish. It's an open canvas for your creativity, where the boundaries are as limitless as your imagination. Yarnit's generator then takes your input and crafts ideas that are as unique as your instructions.

Step 7 - Generating as You Wish

Once you've navigated the myriad of features and found your inspiration, the 'generate as' button is your next step. Here, you select the format of the content you're envisioning, whether it's a blog post or social media copy, and provide any custom instructions. This final customization ensures that the ideas you generate are not just relevant but perfectly tailored to your content creation needs.

Step 8 - Bringing Ideas to Life

Once you generate the ideas, you will find yourself with a list of 5 relevant, trendy, and new ideas, each with its own comprehensive content outline. With the click of a button, Yarnit transforms these generated ideas into actionable content pieces, ready for your final touches.

If you're not ready to finalize the ideas just yet, simply save them to your list for later inspiration.

What's more, you can also use the recommendations feature, which draws on your portfolio to suggest tailored content ideas, ensures that your creative well never runs dry. Yarnit's Content Idea Generator doesn't just give you ideas; it gives you a roadmap to consistently fresh, engaging content.

Navigating the world of content creation can sometimes feel like sailing in uncharted waters, but with Yarnit's Content Idea Generator as your compass, you're never without direction. Each feature is a stepping stone towards not just overcoming writer's block but transcending it, offering a gateway to endless creative possibilities. So, take the helm, and let Yarnit guide you to the treasure trove of content ideas that await.

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