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Moment Marketing Made Easy With Yarnit

With trends evolving and changing everyday, it is difficult for brands to keep on top of everything and make impactful moves. However, an age-old marketing strategy might just be the answer to staying relevant in a fast-moving world; moment marketing. This strategy relies on seizing the ephemeral moments that matter to both the brand and its customers, transforming them into opportunities for engagement, conversation, and ultimately, conversion. 

By aligning marketing strategies with these opportune moments, businesses not only enhance their visibility but also strengthen their bond with their target audience. However, before we understand how moment marketing can help your branding efforts, it is integral to understand the basics of moment marketing.

In this blog, we will discuss ways where you can leverage Yarnit’s idea generator tool to make moment marketing easy, relevant and impactful. 

Types of Moment Marketing Explained

There are 3 types of moment marketing; always-on marketing, topical marketing, and leveraged marketing. The core of always-on marketing is maintaining a presence in the minds of your audience by positioning your brand as a way to address the challenges they face. Topical marketing, on the other hand, uses relevant current events and seasonal narratives to solidify your brand’s position in moments that the customer cares about.

Leveraged marketing allows you to leverage your brand’s events and campaigns to create a funnel to increase the impact of said events. This strategy can also be used to position your offerings as solutions to your target audience, using your marketing strategy to drive results and strengthen your brand’s standing at the same time. 

Reinforcing Brand Ideals with Always-on Marketing

The first strand of moment marketing, always-on marketing, focuses on maintaining a constant presence in the lives of your target audience. It's about embodying the values your brand stands for and addressing the persistent challenges faced by your customers. 

Yarnit's Idea Generator feature’s keyword and reference pages are a natural fit for always-on moment marketing strategies. By targeting specific keywords in your brand’s target market, you have the opportunity to create content that resonates with your target audience, but is still aligned to your brand’s guidelines and marketing goals. 

The reference page, on the other hand, allows you to upload certain materials, whether internal or external, to create ideas on. These ideas not only allow you to repurpose existing content, but also allow you to keep them relevant to your marketing strategy thanks to Yarnit’s brand kit.

What’s more, the idea generator also recommends ideas based on past creations and the ideas you have saved to your list. This allows brands to create a content roadmap and a learning pathway for your audience, further engaging them. 

Let’s take a marketing-based company as an example. By creating content that solves for marketing problems that your company can solve, you not only add value to the potential customer consuming your content, but also reinforce your brand’s positioning as a solutions provider. 

By using the idea generator, brands can sustain an always-on marketing approach, ensuring they remain relevant, supportive, and top-of-mind for their customers. 

Making the Most out of Topical Events

The second facet of moment marketing, topical marketing, ventures into the realm of current affairs and seasonal narratives. This approach demands agility and the ability to tap into the zeitgeist with content that speaks to the now. 

With the Idea Generator’s news and events pages, brands can discover and leverage trending topics within their domain or find interesting spins on current events. Let’s continue on the previous example of a marketing company using moment marketing. A social media post created on the occasion of a festival that your customer cares about puts your brand in their mental space while also showing your caring intent towards them. 

Whether it's a major sports event, a viral social media challenge, or a global news story, Yarnit enables brands to craft messages that resonate with the moment, engaging their audience in a meaningful and timely manner and ensuring they stay with the trend. 

This feature empowers brands to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring their marketing efforts are not only relevant but are also contributing to the conversations happening in real-time.

Leveraging Crafted Moments for your Audience

The third and final aspect of moment marketing is created marketing. This approach is about designing and capitalizing on brand-specific events or campaigns. With the idea generator’s freestyle feature, you can provide information about their own events or campaigns, receiving in return a plethora of ideas that align with the brand's ethos and the campaign's objectives. The reference feature also works wonders for created marketing, allowing you to use pre-existing marketing material as a springboard to create new ideas. 

Let’s take an example of a marketing-based event your brand is going to host. By adopting a leveraged moment marketing strategy, you can not only increase the reach of your event by popularizing it, but also drive more people to sign up by promising to address their marketing-related concerns. 

The Importance of Moment Marketing

Moment marketing, with its focus on relevance and timeliness, offers a strategic advantage for brands aiming to leave a lasting impression. Yarnit's Idea Generator provides brands with the tools to navigate the nuances of always-on, topical, and created marketing. By leveraging Yarnit's AI-driven capabilities, brands can increase their engagement, reach, and audience recall. 

It's time to explore the potential of moment marketing and how Yarnit can transform your brand's approach to digital engagement. The moment is now; seize it with Yarnit.

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